Why Women Are Always so Cold

If you know me you’re immediately thinking I’m going to say something sexist, but I’m not. I try to use reason when I explain stuff. So, no, it’s not because women are cold-hearted, in fact, it’s because they are warm-hearted, or at least warmer-hearted than us men. Like my explanation for Why It’s Always Higher on the Diving Board it’s all relative.

I think this next bit is pretty obvious, but this is the start of my premise, so bear with me. Everyone I’ve had some sort of temperature related conversation with I’ve noticed the further the ambient temperature is from our generally accepted core temperature (98.6 F) the colder or warmer we feel. And as the ambient temperature increases from cold towards our body we feel warmer. So, the higher the ambient temperature the hotter it is.

To answer this I think it depends on one simple point: when does one gender begin to feel cold or hot compared to the other gender. And I think it’s pretty obvious that women always say “I’m cold” before any man does. And, conversely, I generally hear men say “I’m hot” before a women, temperature wise, not looks-wise.

I’m not talking a large difference in core temperature, just enough to feel it, just a few degrees between men and women. And considering I can feel the difference between 68 F and 72 F to a small extend, I’d say two to three degrees is enough of a difference between core temperatures for women and men.

Why Women Are Always Colder Than Men

Why Women Are Always Colder Than Men

So, if one feels cold based on the difference of ambient and core temperature and women generally feel cold before men, I think it’s safe to say women have a higher core temperature than men. To have a warmer core temperature you must have warmer blood, and thus a warmer heart.

Take away: women aren’t cold-hearted, men are (in comparison).

Extra: Drawn in Paper by 53 on my iPad by me!

Thanksgiving Travel Pains

As I watched the news last night there was the normal discussion of traffic due to the holiday. But it’s not just from the number of vehicles – cars or aircraft – but also because of ice cold rain or snow. I’ve come up with two possible solutions to ease Thanksgiving traffic.

The first is by far the easiest: change the month of Thanksgiving to a warmer month, perhaps August when there isn’t anything else really going on. The same amount of people will be on the road or in the air, but no ice rain or snow. Bonus: as most kids are out of school families can travel across multiple days vs. a mad dash on Wednesdays. This leads to a second bonus of slightly lower airfares!

The second solution is a bit more complex and takes the spirit away… Each state is assigned a particular week in November for Thanksgiving. This leads to less traffic per week and possibly cheaper airfares, however, if your families live in states whose Thanksgivings don’t match up then planning would not be fun.

Take away: when trying to sell one solution, give a second more convoluted solution and people will flock to the first.

Online Dating

A coworker recently said, with some reservation, that he is doing online dating. Five or so years ago when I asked my best friend how he met his girlfriend at the time, he was hesitant to admit it was via online dating.

Some odd years ago people thought it was odd if you met your significant other at a bar or a club, but why not? It’s no different than meeting them at church or the gym. That is, you’re both [likely] participating in an activity you enjoy. If anything, I find it odd if you met your sigificant other just walking down the street or standing in line at the coffee shop.

Internet dating opens up the dating pool to someone who could be perfect for you and lives two minutes away (and you never bump into each other or do but don’t talk) or on the other side of town or, for the really adventurous, another city or state. Online dating increases the chances you’ll meet someone with the same interests and views as you but your lives just wouldn’t ‘naturally’ intersect.

Granted, this means your match would have to be on the same dating site as you, which is no different than going to the same church, the same bars/clubs (on the same night), the same gym (at the same time), etc.

I understand the stigma around online dating, but I don’t see why my best friend was nervous to tell me that. Not only do I see nothing wrong with online dating, I think it’s the greatest thing to happen to dating since… ever. If I weren’t married I guarantee you I would try online dating.

I would even try speed dating at least once, but I don’t think it lends itself well to my high-functioning aspergers[1]. It’s the multiple 3-5 minute conversations with someone new.

Take away: it doesn’t matter how or where you meet your better half, just that you meet your better half.

[1] As diagnosed by my wife (she has a BSN).


I’m not much of a spectator of sports or pageantry and the Olympics are both with a huge dollop of personal stories (at least on TV). I have three ideas to improve the Olympics.

First, no more country vs. country. Go big or go home: continent vs. continent! Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America.

Why we should do it:

  • In 2012 games[1]
    • 205 countries entered, 85 countries won at least one medal (41% of participating countries), 10 countries won 55% of all medals (5% of participating countires).
    • 11 countries had two entrants.
    • 2 countries had over 500, another 4 had over 390.
  • It took all teams having ten entrants or less to surpass the entrants by Great Britain who had the most entrants
    • 547 from 102 countries (50% of participating countries)
    • 541 from Great Britain.
  • People would be employed to come up with new continental songs and chants – employing the arts.
  • Can’t we all just get along would be taking another step forward.
  • Much shorter opening and closing ceremonies!
  • We could recombine the summer and winter games for the same year so it seems more significant vs. every two years.
  • With only 6 teams we only need to worry about first and second place.
    • Fewer podium spots – less risk of injury to falling.
    • Less natural resources used – go green!
    • Fewer heats and brackets.

Why it’s not a great idea (cons):

  • Cheering for your continent is a bit less dramatic… As of now.

Second, remove individual events. I’m not against individualism at all, but why do we need to know which individual is the fastes in the breast stroke vs. the butterfly vs. the backstroke. Relay that up, oh wait, they already do, so we have redundancies going on. Or, just say fastest swimmer of whatever style you want. Same thing with running, but in running’s defense, it is nice to know who the bear would eat and not eat if all 6 people had to run away and depending on the persistance of the bear who would be eaten: 50 or 100 yards.

Third… OK, I don’t really have a third, so I’m going with this bear running event. I don’t think I need to put much definition here: open [hungry] bear’s cage, runners run until bear stops chasing. Everyone not caught is a winner (and the only event allowed to have multiple medal winners).

FYI – Russia would be part of Team Europe because Moscow is on the European continent. Island countries may have a harder time identifying which continent, but it just takes a little sense to determine their group. Examples include: Iceland to Europe, Caribbean islands would go to either NA or SA, Indonesia to Australia or Asia.

Take away: don’t allow someone who doesn’t watch sports and hates pageantry to reformat one of the largest ‘sporting’ events of which half takes place every two years.

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2012_Summer_Olympics

MS Windows (7) Enhancement

We can move the Task Bar, why not allow us to move where the Start Button is on it – top or bottom, left or right, not necessarily somewhere in the middle. And while we’re at it, allow us to move the System Icon and Date/Time section – also top or bottom, left or right. And don’t say anything about “upgrading” to Windows 8.