Why Women Are Always so Cold

If you know me you’re immediately thinking I’m going to say something sexist, but I’m not. I try to use reason when I explain stuff. So, no, it’s not because women are cold-hearted, in fact, it’s because they are warm-hearted, or at least warmer-hearted than us men. Like my explanation for Why It’s Always Higher on the Diving Board it’s all relative.

I think this next bit is pretty obvious, but this is the start of my premise, so bear with me. Everyone I’ve had some sort of temperature related conversation with I’ve noticed the further the ambient temperature is from our generally accepted core temperature (98.6 F) the colder or warmer we feel. And as the ambient temperature increases from cold towards our body we feel warmer. So, the higher the ambient temperature the hotter it is.

To answer this I think it depends on one simple point: when does one gender begin to feel cold or hot compared to the other gender. And I think it’s pretty obvious that women always say “I’m cold” before any man does. And, conversely, I generally hear men say “I’m hot” before a women, temperature wise, not looks-wise.

I’m not talking a large difference in core temperature, just enough to feel it, just a few degrees between men and women. And considering I can feel the difference between 68 F and 72 F to a small extend, I’d say two to three degrees is enough of a difference between core temperatures for women and men.

Why Women Are Always Colder Than Men

Why Women Are Always Colder Than Men

So, if one feels cold based on the difference of ambient and core temperature and women generally feel cold before men, I think it’s safe to say women have a higher core temperature than men. To have a warmer core temperature you must have warmer blood, and thus a warmer heart.

Take away: women aren’t cold-hearted, men are (in comparison).

Extra: Drawn in Paper by 53 on my iPad by me!

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