Thanksgiving Travel Pains

As I watched the news last night there was the normal discussion of traffic due to the holiday. But it’s not just from the number of vehicles – cars or aircraft – but also because of ice cold rain or snow. I’ve come up with two possible solutions to ease Thanksgiving traffic.

The first is by far the easiest: change the month of Thanksgiving to a warmer month, perhaps August when there isn’t anything else really going on. The same amount of people will be on the road or in the air, but no ice rain or snow. Bonus: as most kids are out of school families can travel across multiple days vs. a mad dash on Wednesdays. This leads to a second bonus of slightly lower airfares!

The second solution is a bit more complex and takes the spirit away… Each state is assigned a particular week in November for Thanksgiving. This leads to less traffic per week and possibly cheaper airfares, however, if your families live in states whose Thanksgivings don’t match up then planning would not be fun.

Take away: when trying to sell one solution, give a second more convoluted solution and people will flock to the first.

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