Bill & Ted Plot Error

Bill & Ted

Bill & Ted
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While writing my previous post on Time Travel Paradoxes it dawned on me that among all the movie plot errors there is one I’ve never heard anyone point out. In Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure had all the time (no pun intended) to get their report done unlike Rufus informed them.

What pray tell is this? Rufus told Bill & Ted that no matter where they go (time or location) that time continues moving forward in their ‘time’ and they had to be at the school giving their presentation at whatever time… Um, they have a time machine, if they spend another ten minutes or fifty days finding another historical person they always could have gone to five minutes before their presentation was due and be ready.

And yes, this is the plot error I’m pointing out in this movie, nothing else.

Take away: movie writers are often dumb when it comes to plot devices.

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